Sunday, February 15, 2015


I had just finished a two hour climbing session indoors at the Salzburg University Sports Training Center. The teenage school group that has a weekly climbing activity with me was lifeless, unmotivated, playing the, "oh, my life is so, so difficult", routine. I tried to compensate with extra positive enthusiasm for their pathetic, self-indulgent, self-absorbed, spoiled, self-centeredness. I lasted about an hour. Then my energy and patience was all used up. What a waste. I asked myself, "why?".

IN-Q, "Whistle"

As I drove off at around 10:15, there was a wheelchair athlete training on the 400 meter track. He didn't have a fancy race-type chair, he didn't have weather-proof clothing. it was cold. It was raining. He was hardcore. He wasn't feeling sorry for himself. He wasn't thinking about what he didn't have.

I went to the highly over-priced bio-grocery store near my apartment  Trying to find and buy some real, natural. whole food. A guy outside asked me for money to buy some food at the store's exit. To what level of despair and hopelessness would you have to sink in order to ask a stranger for a few coins?

A week later, I was on the small island of Telendos, across from Kalymnos, climbing with my friend Yannis. He started climbing a couple of years ago. He loves every opportunity he has to climb with someone of more experience and knowledge. He is over sixty years old. He had a heart attack last year. He stopped smoking. He never complains.

The founder of the Underground Strength Gym & Strongcast Podcast, Zach Even-Esh labels it the "pussifacation" of your existence: the lack of embracing discomfort. bitch'in & moan'in. half ass'in life.  -- And then thinking that if you pay someone, or if you're of a certain economic or material level that you can dump the responsibility of your happiness, satisfaction, entertainment, etc., on to someone else.

The mentality of "I deserve this", instead of, "have I earned the right to this experience?"

I hate this mentality, this sickness of our times. Zero tolerance.

Do what brings you joy. It is up to you. Do what you most want to do. Move with grace. Be thankful because you have been given a life full of opportunity that is limitless. Live with gratitude.


  1. Thx Joe!
    Du sprichst mir aus der Seele!!!

  2. Danke Mickey für deine Kommentar. Es freut mich sehr das zu hören! Joe