Monday, May 7, 2012

April Training Record

April was a month of predominately sport climbing.  I had planned to be in Chamonix for the first part of the month, but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate with my plans.  The weather was not really good in the Salzburg area either, so I was indoors in the gym and at sport climbing crags.

On the positive side, I sent four new 7a's in a relatively short time and flashed 2 6c's.  This confirms that my improvements in body composition and mental determination are starting to take effect.

April Totals
72 hours of training in month (actual time) / 18 hours of training per week
7,174 meters of elevation gain in month / 1,793.5 m per week
36 training sessions in month
2 rest/recovery days & 2 very long work days of <12 hours
weight = 70.1 kg., body fat at 10.4%, resting heart rate = 42, body mass index = 21.60

Endurance training activities included ski touring, trail running, mountain biking and hiking.  Sport specific training involved indoor & outdoor sport climbing, bouldering, weight training, circuit training, fingerboard, mobility & flexibility, alpine off-piste skiing and some sprinting intervals.

I have been focusing on food and nutrition for the last couple of weeks.  I have set guidelines of trying to eat enough protein at around 140-150 grams per day and keep my carbohydrate intake to between 50 and 100 grams per day.  I also have introduced periods of fasting and training while in a fasted state.  Occasionally I keep my total calorie intake to below 1,750 calories per day.

My goal with this nutritional focus is to rid my body of some of its last belly fat and get down to a set weight of 66 to 68 kgs.  To climb and perform at a higher level, I want my body mass index  between 20 and 21.

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