Monday, February 15, 2010


Mark Twight posted this comment on is Gym Jones site the other day:

"If someone were to ask why we bother posting what we do and what we think on the web I might answer that this is the reason: to communicate to others we would not otherwise reach, to inspire, to influence, to affect. If I didn't think the group that formed and coalesced here was special I wouldn't bother with the broadcast. If the members of the group did not consistently demonstrate this unique character I wouldn't bother. But I do believe it and they do show it and it proves to me that, with the right attitude and the will to learn and to work hard and smart, others can do the same. If they only believe themselves and believe in themselves, if they only allow themselves, if they would simply raise their expectations of themselves. So get on with it."

I find this comment personally inspiring as well as mirroring my philosophy behind what I put on my website and what I try to accomplish in courses and guiding.

When I began learning how to get around in the mountains years ago I felt very much alone. I also had a number of very disappointing and dangerous experiences with so-called knowledgeable partners. Despite everything, I learned through all these various experiences and continued to teach myself the skills needed and became fitter in the different sport-specific aspects related to climbing, skiing, hiking, etc.

But I seemed to be more alone underway than not, mostly because 99.9% of everyone else was just following the herd in regards to mountain activities, training, nutrition, etc.

This is where a person like Mark Francis Twight (MFT) comes along. Through his writing (books and articles) and information through his websites, I was able to feel as if there were others out there like me - and more importantly - others that I could related to and identify with.

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