Friday, March 6, 2009

American International School - Salzburg Climbing Course: Picture Gallery

A gallery of photos from the winter climbing course in the Salzburg climbing gym
At the beginning of the trimester we climbed on top rope in the course area with 8 meter long routes
Soon the group was climbing longer (17-18 meter) routes on top rope in the main area of the gym
By the fourth week of the course , the students could independently belay each other safely
The blue panel is 90 degrees steep and requires good climbing endurance
As climbing technique improved, students could start "staying on route", that is climbing on one color which designates a specific route
A climber can not climb with confidence unless their belayer is attentive and thorough
The next step was learning to climb on lead, clipping the quick draws as you move up the route
Next was climbing more physically and technically challenging routes on lead
... and then moving on to routes on overhanging walls
The next AIS-Salzburg course starts up in April. We will be climbing in the climbing gym and then moving outside to the climbing tower at the sport center in Rif once the weather starts warming up.

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  1. Wow, Joe. This is something. Now you are going to have harrassing females telling you to be careful!!!!!!!!! My heart stopped just looking at some of these pictures. So glad that you are doing something that you obviously have a passion for! See you on Facebook! If Renato can do it, you can do it!